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1) How do I get you my info/photo?
Send us an Email at send us the stats and attach a photo.

2) What are the photo requirements?
Email us a sharp photograph that was taken with a digital camera (any camera made within the last few years or 2 megapixels or more-the bigger the file size the better). If you don’t have a digital camera, scan the photo (or have it done) and send us the biggest file you can.

3) Is there anything cooler than this in the whole world?

4) Can we do different colors than what’s on the available templates?
Yes. It will cost you $25 to do any colors you can dream up.

5) Do I get to see a proof? When?
Absolutely. We will email you a proof in 10-12 business days and await your approval before going to print.

6) Can I change the wording?
We can change the wording as long as it fits into the allotted space on the template for text.

7) Can I change the font?
No. Well, maybe. We would rather not, but ask us and you might get lucky. We aim to please.

8) I don’t have a birth to announce. How else can I Rattle-N-Roll?
You dream it we can do it. Birthdays, Weddings invitations/Save-the-Dates, Graduations, Anniversaries, or simply because family photos are boring. Our posters extend themselves to just about ANY occasion. We can do anything.

9) Is Rattle-N-Roll going to run for president?
C'mon, that was a dumb question.

10) Can you do older kids or adults?
Yeah, duh…we just told you we can do anything. Additional charges may apply, but we can do anything. Did you get that we can do anything?

11) Can you do custom jobs?
We LOVE to do custom jobs.

12) Can I reorder if I run out?
Reorders can be made at a price of $2 a piece.

13) Can I see a sample?
Sure. Email us at and let us know what template you are interested in. We will mail it right out.

14) Can I get just ONE poster?
No. The majority of the cost for what we do is incurred in the creation of the artwork and the preparation for print. You are paying for ONE poster, and we are giving you one free.
Additional posters may be purchased for $10 each.
However, if you have two kids and want to save a buck or two, we'll do both kids (two separate posters) for $350, which saves you $50.

15) What's up with your co-promotion deal with
It's simple. When you purchase ANY announcement / invite package from we'll give you 10% off your next purchase at If you sign up for gift registry through, they'll give you 10 % off your next purchase from us.

16) Can I get a poster bigger than 11X17?
Yes. Posters can be printed any size at a cost of $18 per square foot.

17) Can you ship outside of the US?
Yes. You will pay actual charges (USPS).

18) Is this for REAL?
Yeah, isn’t it awesome?